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The most profitable way to make money is to trade on the Skinmarket. This method is for those who have good knowledge among the prices of skins, those who have a talent for trade and the ability to enter into lucrative deals. Of course, we should not forget that you must have a huge amount of time that this occupation requires for yourself. In addition, you have great chances to get on any beginner who has a rare skin and he put it on the market. Such people can buy similar skins for a song.

Trading is of two kinds, both automatic and direct. Automatic, this is the method where you will feel the least competition. In this method, you will use various market sites such as Skinmarket. If some rare skin is laid out on such resources, then it is usually bought in a matter of seconds. The fact is that some people set up their bots to wait for similar skins and as soon as it appears on the market, the skin instantly tells you about it. So here, who became the first, he earned.

If you use the direct, immediate method, then the probability of your earnings depends only on your ability to bargain and negotiate, as well as the ability to offer a good price, already for your skins. So here, the ability to understand the value of things is quite a good and even vital skill. Also, try to exchange various unnecessary skins that you are unlikely to sell at the best-case prices. They are usually very expensive, and you can earn good money on this. Then, you will need to know how to de money from the Skinmarket. Some derive directly, while others use resources specially created for this.


This is one of the least common ways of earning money on CS: GO, but with certain skills, it can generate a steady income. We are talking about mounting videos, creating avatars and working with graphics. To do this, you do not need to have more knowledge, and more work that is professional will obviously not be affordable for most players in CS GO, but at the initial level, this is quite a profitable business. For example, the creation of avatars can cost from 50 to 100 rubles, and in some cases more. In addition, by requesting payment in skins, you can get quite valuable items. The same applies to creating movies for players or some teams. To do this, simply record the game and make a simple installation. Usually such services cost from 150 rubles and more, depending on the teams, your experience and other conditions. You should not expect more revenue, but if you get popular and have a steady stream of customers from the CS: GO community, you can earn quite large sums of money by selling them on the Skinmarket.

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