Top Tips to Help Your Toddler Become Active

It’s fun to watch how excited your toddler is when she discovers she can walk. It’s even more fun to watch how she quickly progresses towards advanced motor skills such as climbing, running and kicking.

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In her second year, your toddler will upgrade from unsure toddling to more confident walking as well as running, along with climbing and jumping.

These actions involve a lot of movements and she needs a lot of coordination to perform them; so, what you can do is to be patient and encourage her a lot, because running and jumping are not easy as they look when children perform them.

Keep in mind that with active play, not only motor skills are developed, but also coordination as well as grace are developed and a stage of physical activity is set for a lifetime.

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When Should You Expect Higher Skills?

Higher skills like climbing, running, kicking and jumping will develop in your toddler at regular stages of growth. Here’s when you can expect them.

Climbing: Climbing technically begins as soon as your toddler is able to pull up to stand; however, most babies don’t actually start doing it efficiently until 12 months.

Several babies won’t actually begin climbing on furniture and at playgrounds until later, by 24 months.

Running: Most toddlers try the skill of running at the age of around 17 months, though some may achieve it as early as in the 13th month.

Kicking: Your toddler might love kicking toys when he is able to sit or lie down; but there won’t be the gross motor coordination present in him to kick a ball while standing till he is around 18 to 24 months.

Jumping: Jumping needs strength, coordination and most importantly courage. So, babies would like test out their skills before trying to jump.

For example, if your 1-year old is shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she is enjoying getting both feet off the ground.

Next, perhaps at the 2nd year, she will learn to jump off low objects such as a bottom stair.

Helping Your Toddler Discover His Skills

While your toddler will go on getting the knowledge of her skills, there are some things you too can do to help her more in finding that.

Provide Clear Space

An excellent way to help your toddler develop his large motor skills is to offer a lot of safe and clear space to practise.

Clear out a space or more spaces where she can jump, tumble, dance and twirl as much as she loves.

Take Him Outside

Encourage your child to play in your yard or in a public playground. Take him out on walks on his own feet rather than riding in his stroller.

Create Opportunities to Make New Friends

Enrolling your child in a sports class or toddler gymnastics is a great way to get a larger space to enjoy active play while making new friends.

Bring Encouraging Toys

Action-friendly toys as well as baby-safe equipment such as balls of various shapes and sizes, ride-on toys, push and pull toys, and swings and slides like the ones on durable kids outdoor playsets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop are ideal to encourage babies to try climbing, running, jumping and more.

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Set Safety Rules

With the growing love of your toddler for activities, it’s easy to involve some dangerous items in the home into the play.

You should take care of this in advance and set rules for not involving things like furniture, countertops etc. You might have to keep telling the rules every now and then, so, patience is needed.

In any case, your action hero or heroine will add spice to your life. You will just have to prepare a little.