Top-notch, Beautiful Modern Electric Arc Lighters

Tech products are providing solution to the everyday problem and help us making our life more lively. You will get something exceptional from every new invention. Scientists have been giving their best effort for turning human life into a simpler and easier one. No matter what your income status, you don’t have to pay the high price always. Even with a small bucks, you can get a stunning device that may help you achieving something truly beneficial. However, in this post, you’re going to know about a new generation lighter that was introduced to the market so that people can enjoy their lighting with more benefits.

Plasmarex lighters or electric arc lighters are the lighting devices based on electricity. With these lighters, one can light anything without any complication. There are two or four electrodes are set inside the lighter and one or two arcs are also established which actually generate the heat. The powerful lithium-ion cells will store the energy when you recharge it. Without needing any fossil fuel, these lighters simply give you the best solution for your lighting and you don’t even feel your previous lighters. Anyway, let me talk the details about the benefits of the electric arc lighters and also mention why you should avoid the regular gas lighter.

Environment is one of the crucial things we have to consider in the current century. We human beings live on this planet and ironically we have been destroying it with our hands. It needs care and knowledge on how to prevent the mother earth from being polluted. The classic lighter we use regularly is a big source butane fuel. And, when butane gets burnt what comes out as a by-product is carbon dioxide which is known as the monsterous killer for ozone layer. Replace your current lighter – if it is a butane lighter – with a plasma lighter. Because plasma lighters are  based on electric arc, there’s no chance of harming the environment.

You will never be able to light anything in the wind with a gas lighter because the flame will not allow you to do that. The blazing flame can’t stand against the breeze so you will simply get a bad experience. In that case, you need a windproof lighter which will support you while you’re in a situation like that. Luckily, plasma lighters are known for the flameless experience. As an electric lighter, they only produce electric beam which never blows out. Right when you press the power button, only the heat comes, not any sort of flame. That’s why, you can rely on a plasma lighter in any climate, be it stormy or something like that.

Reusability is another reason we suggest people to use an electric lighter. After finishing the gas, the classic lighter will not work anymore so you have to put it out in the garbage. Then, you go to the shop to buy another piece of that for you. With the plasma lighters, the thing is quite different. It’s rechargeable so you can connect it anytime to the electricity to charge it and one lighter is enough. You don’t have to spend money to buy a new after finishing the power of your current one, unlike the butane lighter. A USB cable is provided with every single pack and you can plug it into any USB port – from your mobile phone charger or from laptop.

Safety is another big concern especially when you live with a family where you have kids around. The gas lighter, for many reason, is a precarious tool that may lead to an accident from nowhere. They have flames which can burn anything combustible gets near to it. If your child somehow gets a chance to play with it, I can’t imagine the consequences. On the other hand the electric lighters won’t work until you open the lid and push the power button. Which means as long as the lid is close there’s nothing to worry about starting a fire. Besides, the plastic body of the butane lighter can add danger when it’s thrown on the ground. Not to mention that, the gas lighter bursts sometimes without any reason and spill the liquid.