The Opulent Beauty of Gold-Set Jewelry

An Introduction to the Concept of Jewelry

As students of history already know, the concept of jewelry is hardly modern, or even medieval. Jewelry as itself has existed since before recorded ages, when man made much simpler pieces of jewelry, out of basic materials such as mud and clay. And although these are no match for the later developments in the field of jewelry, they were meant to enhance the beauty of the wearer, and quite possibly add some of its own.

What Properties of Gold Make it the Very Best?

Gold has not one, but many properties that account for it being the metal used  for jewelry the longest. Doubt as one might, there is a well earned reason for gold’s domination in the jewelry industry, and here are the top ones:

  • Malleability

Gold is one of the most malleable metals out there, as a single ounce can be beaten into a 5 metre long sheet. This makes it especially suitable to be made into different types of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

  • Ductility

Gold is probably the most ductile metal, as a single ounce of it can be stretched into a length of over 30 miles without going brittle, a property that makes it very popular in the jewelry business. This property makes it very easy to make golden chains, necklaces and so on.

  • Natural Beauty

There are some things on Earth that do not have to try to look good, and are truly beautiful, regardless of the view and perspective. Gold is one of those things, as its positively unique shade of color seems like deep yellow, but just somehow ends up being indescribable as anything but the color Golden.

What Types of Jewelry is Gold Frequently Used in?

As one of the more universal metals used in the creation of jewelry, what one uses gold for is only limited by one’s imagination. Throughout the ages, gold has been used for a countless amount of beautiful and magnificent jewelry, as in the past, it has been used to make necklaces, brooches, rings, pendants, Golden Bangles Design With Weights and even nose pins.

Today, one of the more common applications of gold can be found in rings, both made solid out of gold and covered with it. Golden rings are used by many for a variety of purposes, but the widest and most common is the use of golden rings to propose to someone, used by Christians, everyday, the world over.

Another frequent application of gold can be found in the numerous types of pendants and necklaces made out of gold. Because of its ductility, gold is one of the most common materials used for the creation of necklaces and pendants. These pieces of jewelry are indeed very popular, as they look magnificent upon just about anybody who wears them. There are many Gold Pendant Set Designs used by jewelers, and all of them are very popular.