Staying Safe While Dealing With Rattlesnakes

Below the rustling of leaves, a sound emerges.

Low, but steadily rising, the familiar noise is chilling. Old stories surface, some true and some not, flooding the mind with thoughts of escape. After a frantic search, the danger remains unseen.

A simple hike. A peaceful day. Swallowed by matters of life and death.

Rattle. Rattle. Rattle.

The Legend

The rattle of an angry rattlesnake is one of the most-infamous, iconic and fear-inducing sounds in the world. From pop culture to folklore, people have been fascinated with tales of venomous, hate-filled destruction for ages.

The Misconception

Commonly found in the sandy deserts of North and South America, rattlesnakes also make their homes in rocky hills, grasslands and scrub bush. Researchers have even discovered various species living at sea level or as high as 11,000-foot elevations.

Ranging in length from 1 foot to 8 feet, these large snakes are proven masters of survival.

While fearsome in looks, rattlesnakes notoriously avoid conflict. It is well-documented that these creatures go to great lengths to escape an encounter with humans.

Even the bite of a rattlesnake has been exaggerated. Yes, the venom is potent but rarely fatal. If bitten, the best action is to remain calm while seeking professional treatment. Staying calm keeps the heart from pumping as fast, slowing the toxin’s spread.

On that note, most bites occur only after someone unknowingly steps onto a sleeping or hiding rattlesnake. The rattle itself is not so much a promise of doom as it is a warning system that shouts, “Here I am. Now walk the other way!”

Rattlesnake removal or handling without proper training and equipment are also quick paths to an unintended hospital visit. Even decapitated, the ability to bite and inject venom still exists.

Basically, leave removal to the professionals and stay safe.


Lack of knowledge and fear will always be the greatest dangers in a rattlesnake encounter. This is unfortunate since these creatures are a vital part of our ecosystem. With proper respect, plenty of space, and a reputable rattlesnake removal service, both parties can maintain the peace and safety they desire.