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While offices are typically closed off from the outside world, it doesn’t mean there are no allergens present in the air. In fact, since offices are enclosed, irritants can travel faster and affect more people, even those who aren’t very sensitive to allergens. Common symptoms of allergies are watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, and difficulty breathing.

As a business owner, it falls on your shoulders to make certain changes to prevent allergies in the workplace. Here’s how to reduce the risk effectively:

Identify The Hotspots

Once the sources of the allergens are singled out, they can be sanitized by professional office cleaning services Miami companies provide. These are the most common areas:

Vents – From the air conditioner to the windows, these are all potential allergy triggers if they are not routinely cleaned. The vents can accumulate dust which spreads around the entire office affecting everyone inside.

Carpets and Rugs – These furnishings are filled with dust and dust mites which are common triggers for allergies.

Office Plants – While office plants add aesthetics to the room it can also be home to mold and spores. Make sure to check on the plants to ensure they aren’t the cause of allergy attacks in the office.

Printers – The fumes of copiers and printers may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Allergy Action Plan

As soon as the hotspots have been identified it is best to call the office cleaning services Miami based experts. They can deep clean the entire office to get rid of the common allergens. The deep and thorough cleaning should be scheduled regularly to lessen the instances of allergies in the office.

While deep cleaning is a good solution, that isn’t the only way to decrease allergic reactions. Here are some ways to prevent allergies yourself:

Stay organized – At the end of each working day, all employees must fix their work area to decrease clutter. Without the presence of clutter, dust will have nowhere to settle on and accumulate.

Invest In Better Ventilation – A good ventilation system means that stale air isn’t being circulated around a closed room. If the vents can filter out dust and other allergens, the better it will be for the people inside the office.

Keep The Humidity At A Minimum – Maintaining a damp and humid office creates the perfect space for mold and mildew colonies. Keep a cool and comfortable office by setting the thermostat at a good level. Add a dehumidifier if necessary, your employees will thank you for your efforts.

Rare Cases

There are instances where an employee still has an allergic reaction even after all of the necessary changes have been made. They may be allergic to something specific such as the pet hair on another co-worker’s clothes or the perfume of another co-worker. In these cases, help them identify the problem and find a better solution.

It is also good to have a stock of antihistamines in the office first aid kit, just as a necessary precaution. Keep everyone safe and lessen allergic reactions in the office, it is for everyone’s health and safety after all.
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