How Neon Signs Are Made

It’s easy to spot a neon sign anywhere at night thanks to its beautiful colors and beau design. Different neon signs advertise different things, from casinos to beers. One of their positive aspects is that they can be customized and can gather a lot of attention. Neon gas, combined with coatings of phosphor for the tubes of glass, produce the many attractive colors that the signs produce. Here’s a guide on how a neon sign is made.

  1. Tube Preparation

The tubes to be used to undergo thorough preparation. First, workers clean them manually. Then they are put in a coating machine. The machine releases phosphor into the tubes; then they’re placed in an oven to make the coating permanent.

  1. Tube Bending

This is the most delicate part of the process. The prepared tubes are subjected to intense heating to make them flexible. Special burners are used to soften them as well as bend and twist them according to the letters of the sign. Several tubes are used to make larger tubes. The type of message to be put across determines the period taken to create the sign.

  1. Cleaning

After bending, the tube has to be cleaned to get rid of any dirt in it, through a process called bombarding. It doesn’t involve soap and water. It involves exposing the tubes to heat for a period. The heat removes all the dirt from the tube and prepares it for the next step.

  1. Neon filling

The heated tube is allowed to cool completely. Afterward, it’s ready to be filled with neon gas. Workers ensure that the gas is pure for several reasons; so that the sign can last for long, and for the sign to carry out its purpose efficiently. Once the tube is filled, more heating is done on it to prevent the escape of the gas from it.

  1. Stabilization

This step aims to enhance the performance of the gas. A special process called “burning the tube” ensures that it’s stable. Depending on the type of gas, lighting time varies. If argon is used, it takes more than an hour for the sign to light. If it’s neon, it’ll take a few minutes, mostly 10-15 minutes. Any problems in lighting, such as one of the letters not lighting up or dull lighting means that the tube has to be cleaned and filled with the gas again.

  1. Mounting

With all the intricate work done, the final step is the installation of the neon sign. Various factors determine how long it’ll take to install it, such as the size of the sign and the location of the building where it is to be fixed. After wiring and fitting, the sign is good to go.