Did you know that one of the things that defines the happiness and pride of parent is when their kid is the most smartly dressed among all the other kids? Everyone wants their child to dress and impress everyone in the room. Parents love when their child is called “pretty”. The decision of dressing your child for the occasion is not as easy as it may sound. According to Jeyne (2011), it has been established that most of the parents are unable to bring out their best taste in fashion when dressing their kids for the occasion. This can even bring insecurity to the kid and no one wants to be embarrassed in front all the other smartly dressed people.  For that moment that makes you as a parent proud, Granny’s Little Munchkins is here for you. We ensure everybody is happy, both you and your child. Our formal baby dresses will leave everybody who sets their eyes on your child envious and desiring one.

What should I consider when dressing my child?

Due to the rapid growth rate of children, clothes should be selected for short-term use. It has been established that children grow at a rate of approximately 2.5 inches per year (Berk, 2012). Dressing your child comfortably is very important. They should be able to do anything in their outfit. Every child doesn’t enjoy restriction in their body movement. To ensure the clothes retain suitable temperature, the material should be adequately ventilated. The scratchy fabric is another material that should be avoided. Soft fabric is comfortable on their skin. Remember that you want your child to be as comfortable as possible for Showing them off will be easier. Granny’s Little Munchkins takes all this into consideration when picking formal baby dresses for your kids.

What do we offer our clients?

We provide the best formal baby dresses for any occasion for the best price. Your boy or girl can be dressed for a christening occasion or even an occasion for the church like for the Holy Communion. Let your little girl blossom like a flower with our flower girl dresses. Infants are also not left out with our gorgeous and cozy infant dresses. We have comfortable holiday outfits to ensure they have the best holiday they possibly can. When you want your children to dress in stylish and outstanding matching outfits, you are also on our mind. Baby tuxedos are one of the most popular official baby fashion trends. Our tuxedos are well designed and fashionable.  Our tuxedos will make sure he’ll get that play date, with parental supervision of course! Let us share our joy with you. We are located in Phoenix and Scottdale, Arizona.


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