Are you interested in tapping your feet to the Afropop?

If yes, then download these tracks all the way from Africa: Temptation and Mary Jane.

Well yes, these are two rap songs from the Nigerian country of Africa. P square Temptation instrumental has been sung by the duo P-Square and download song  Mary Jane by Vector  the Viper.

These songs are good to hear as well as good to be danced on. These are the superhits by their respective singers, popular in Africa and outside.

Also, the songs belong to their singers’ greatest albums that have many more hits that are worth being heard. So catch up with these by downloading them.

Temptation is a kind of Afropop, that is a mixture of African and American styles of music. It is a rocking track with the video showing the artists dancing their hip hop styles. Mary Jane is also a rap similar to temptation as both are Afropop.

The songs can be searched with their respective albums, namely Get Squared album containing the song Temptation and State of Surprise album containing Mary Jane. Download these tracks as well as other songs of your choice from websites that are worthy of trust, as well as free from virus.

You can also get other party songs from the albums mentioned above. You can search other songs of the same genre that are from Africa, particularly Nigeria.

The album Get Squared took its artists to great heights after being released in the year 2005 by Square Records. A few of its single hits are Bizzy Body, Oga Police and Get Squared. It sold 5 million copies all over the country. Talking of the album State of Surprise, it also contains many other hits that deserve to be heard.