7 reasons why people will love Sun West Mortgage Company

Sun West mortgage company is headquartered at Buena Park, CA. It is a mortgage company for residential and commercial real estate. It provides services related to reserve mortgages, home loan, and financial services. It was founded in 1980. The present CEO of sun west mortgage company is Pavan Agarwal. The senior managing director of Sun West mortgage company is Andrew Platt. The Sun West mortgage company got partnered with the United States Department of Veteran in order to become the leading lender to Veterans.

The seven reasons why people will love Sun West Mortgage Company are as follows:

  • Sun West mortgage company in order to provide better service to the society they started interacting with local brokers and expanded their service from wholesale to retail reserve mortgage
  • They created a new technology which provides data collection with brokers and consumers in the year
  • This new technology provides rapid growth of mortgage-backed securities and provides customers with a more user-friendly
  • The Sun West Mortgage Company are coming up with their new retail division named “Mortgage possible” in order to expand their retail
  • They provide their service members with a guaranteed loan and also to borrow a greater percentage against their home value and allow to get their loans insured by the United States government in case of any
  • It provides assistance program such as unemployment assistance , mortgage reinstatement program, principal reduction and transition assistant program .
  • Sun West Mortgage Company also supports Forjadores de Esperanza home for children and also collaborated with Ivan Pudge Rodriguez in order to provide $10000 for the repair of the home after Hurricane

These are the seven reasons why people will love the sun west mortgage company.