5 Factors that Affect the Cost of a Shower Enclosure Kit

Shower enclosure kits come in various sizes and designs. While choosing your preferred enclosure, it’s vital to understand how different options impact the price. You can adjust your budget without affecting your experience or functionality of the enclosure by choosing the right features.  In this post, we look at five factors that can affect the cost of your shower enclosure kit

1.    Glass thickness

Shower enclosures are made from varying glass thicknesses. The thickness ranges from 4mm to 10mm. The thicker the glass, the more durable the enclosure is and the higher the price. Choosing the right thickness is essential based on the location of the bathroom and the tendency of the enclosure getting knocked or hit by objects.

If you have children in your home, it is best to invest in thicker enclosures that can withstand higher impact. It will save you from constantly replacing the enclosure and the risks of having it break with your children around.

2.    Size of enclosure

The size of your enclosure will also affect the cost. Usually, the size of the enclosure depends on the size of your bathroom. More material is required to build bigger enclosures and hence a steeper price. For bathrooms that are not standard-sized the cost of having a bespoke enclosure measured and made will increase the cost.

3.    Enclosure style

If you need to cut costs, you can reconsider the style of the shower enclosure kit. Even though the effect of the style is not significant, it can still weigh you down. The style does not have a functional purpose other than giving your bathroom a finer and more luxurious look.

For buyers with a flexible budget, style should not be a concern. For a limited budget, you can tone down on the design. There are plenty of decent styles you can consider that won’t drain your pockets as much. Keep in mind that the styles are also dependent on size and material.

4.    Brand

Different brands offer different prices. Some are costlier than others solely because of the brand name. Others genuinely offer superior products with better engineering. Choosing the right brand that blends cost-efficiency and quality is vital and offers you better value for money.

When considering brands, it’s imperative to research widely and understand the difference in each enclosure from each brand. Don’t use the lower price to dictate your choice. Understand the differences between the brands to avoid purchasing a substandard kit.

5.    Accessories

Accessories make the kit more practical and suitable for you. But, the more accessories you prefer with your kit, the higher the cost is going to be. If budget is not a concern, it is easier to pick a kit with all the accessories necessary for a premium experience. But, you can always sacrifice a few accessories if your budget does not allow.

It’s possible to get a great looking and functional shower enclosure kit by weighing the different factors that affect price. Choosing what is necessary and avoiding what you can do without will allow you to buy a functional enclosure without stretching your budget. Contact American Bath Enterprises, Inc for quality products and professional advice.