3 Features to Look For In School Bus Seats

School bus drivers have a lot of responsibilities. The goal should always be to offer the drivers school bus seats that are comfortable. After all, they could be behind the wheel for hours on end, making sure that kids get to and from school safely. There are a few features to look for to ensure that drivers are comfortable and secure.


There are a lot of additions that can be found in school bus seats. The first one is armrests. It may be possible to have dual armrests so that there is one on either side. This is ideal when drivers are sitting for extended periods of time, especially when kids are loading or unloading at a stop. It’s also possible to find armrests that are adjustable, allowing every driver to make adjustments so that it provides comfort fit specifically for them.

Lumbar Support

One of the biggest complaints with school bus drivers is that they have a significant amount of back pain as a result of sitting behind the wheel for so long. Lumbar support is provided in many school bus seats. A triple chamber error lumbar support can be encompassed within the driver seats so that adjustments can be made. It provides the support that a driver needs so that they are less likely to encounter back pain. When back pain is alleviated, it can also reduce callouts, ensuring that kids get to school on time without having to wait for a substitute bus.

Adjustable Seats

It is also possible to look for adjustable seats. The variety of adjustments can be found within the driver seats. Since everyone is a different height, shape, and size, it only makes sense for a seat to be adjustable. Various adjustments can be found, depending on the model of the seat. This includes backrest cushions and a six-way adjustable seat cushion. This ensures that a driver will be able to reach all of the necessary petals with ease. It is even possible to find seat cushions that are heated, providing comfort in the winter as well as a way to use any back pain that may occur throughout a shift.

All sorts of extras are being added into school buses. Google is even adding free WiFi to some rural buses so that kids can do their homework on their way home. With so many additions being provided, it only makes sense to keep the school bus driver comfortable with their seats. It’s all a matter of choosing a seat that offers several features. It will ensure that drivers are comfortable for as long as they are behind the wheel, delivering kids to and from school daily.